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Edelweiss thrives at altitudes of up to 3,400 meters. Due to the harsh alpine climatic conditions and the strong UV radiation, the plant has developed a high concentration of antioxidants over thousands of years in order to survive in the rough mountain region.

These substances rejuvenate the skin, protect against UV rays and provide long-lasting moisture.

We have extracted these active ingredients and put them into a highly effective membrane structure cream. The active ingredients can protect against free radicals, repair DNA in the skin cells damaged by UV rays, refine the complexion and restore youthful radiance.

Thanks to the absence of chemical additives such as emulsifiers and preservatives, our BNC Edelweiss cream is even suitable for sensitive skin types.

For daily use as a day and night cream.


The trademark of the Alps

The Austrian Empress Sissi was already enthusiastic about the numerous romantic myths of the alpine plant. At that time it still required great courage to pick the flowers, which only daring, adventurous climbers could do.

Today we know that the Edelweiss can do more than just being a token of love for brave mountaineers. The plant contains more than 100 natural active ingredients. 

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The edelweiss is packed from root to blossom with active ingredients that prevent skin aging.

We managed to extract these highly effective substances in the laboratory. But this alone is not the success of our organic cosmetics cream. We bring the active ingredients under the skin with a membrane structure cream. This cream is similar to the structure of our skin and only it makes it possible to transport active ingredients into the lower layers of the skin. There they are stored, released slowly and unfold their effect.


Leoligin is found in the roots. It is a valuable ingredient in reducing expression and aging wrinkles.


Tannins have a high skin-protecting function. They have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect and tighten the skin.


Flavonoids are found in the aerial parts of the flowering plant. They give flowers and leaves their colour. In the human organism, flavonoids act as freshness-preserving agents. They have a vascular strengthening, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect.


Edelweiss contains very high-quality anti-oxidants. They increase cell elasticity, promote skin renewal and bind free radicals, the main cause of skin aging and wrinkling.

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