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with Edelweiss Extract 

The BNC Hyaluron Serum is a highly concentrated serum with valuable and effective oligo-hyaluron and alpine edelweiss extract. 

It is suitable for daily use on the face, contains no preservatives and is 100% natural. 

Hyaluronic acid is literally a legendary active ingredient and an endogenous component of the extracellular matrix (ECM) of vertebrates. It is found in many different tissues and fulfils many functions.

Among other things, hyaluron is an important building block of the connective tissue of the skin. In terms of quantity, it has the largest proportion in the skin, whereby the proportion of hyaluronic acid in the tissue continuously decreases with increasing age.

Application: Apply the serum to cleansed skin in the morning and evening. Allow to act briefly and then apply the cream. 

Tip: Although a serum is highly concentrated, it cannot replace a cream. Therefore, it should always be used in combination. A serum must be applied after cleansing and toning to be highly effective. The cream is like a final coat.


The skin's fountain of youth

Hyaluronic acid is an important component of the connective tissue between skin cells. It fills, supports, binds water and thus ensures firmness, elasticity and an ideal moisture content of the skin. In short: it tightens the skin.

With increasing age, the hyaluronic acid content of the skin decreases. This, together with the collagen degradation that is now also starting, leads to the loss of the filling substance between the skin cells. The skin is no longer as elastic, loses volume and shrinks - wrinkles appear.

Our BNC masks with hyaluronic acid  are  an effective, wrinkle-filling skin care for the visible reduction of wrinkles. Due to its moisturizing and moisture-binding properties, the skin appears clearer, plumper and more radiant. 

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High-quality serum with the very valuable and effective oligo- hyaluron and alpine edelweiss extract. For daily use on the face. Without preservatives, 100% natural.

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