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Our BNC cosmetic products are a unique blend of alpine naturalness and state-of-the-art science.


Distinctive seasons with harsh winters and hot summers are a hallmark of the Alps.

Plants have developed here over thousands of years that can withstand the low temperatures as well as the UV radiation at high altitudes.

These properties are the key to our natural active ingredients. We use the regeneration properties of edelweiss, alpine rose, soapwort & Co. and bring the top-class active ingredients into care products, which are among the most effective anti-aging and care products.

Using the latest biotechnology, we isolate plant cell material that is responsible for regeneration and renewal. We bring this cell material with us highest quality creams and masks under the skin. A special activator locks in the active ingredients 

and releases them over a longer period of time. 

We rely on first-class carriers, so-called membrane structure creams. This is the only way our valuable alpine 

Active ingredients really penetrate into the skin layer. 

There they are stored and released. 


For a radiant appearance. 

Totally natural.

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BNC membrane structure creams
Our effective porters


Membrane structure cream
Without emulsifiers and up close

Conventional creams - droplets and emulsifiers

Conventional creams consist mainly of water and oil, which are mixed and stabilized using emulsifiers to preserve consistency. Tiny little droplets surrounded by emulsifiers come out. However, these emulsifiers are not skin-related substances and often lead to skin irritation. 

Human skin - lamellae of scales and skin fat

Our skin consists of many layers of small scales that are held together by skin fat and form an effective protective layer. They are a natural defense against free radicals, foreign matter and water loss. 

Oily and watery substances alternate in the lamellar layers, providing a much stronger barrier than a droplet-based structure.

Membrane Structure Creams - A replica of human skin

The layered membrane structures of the skin can be reproduced using a complex technique without having to use emulsifiers. The lamellar structure is obtained from membrane lipids, which are formed in the cell walls of plants.

The recovery is expensive; the price of an emulsifier-free cream suitable for all skin types.


Membrane structure creams can do even more. Thanks to their skin-like structure and composition, they strengthen or even restore the natural protective barrier. The active ingredients contained in the cream are stored in the upper layer of the skin and can be released there over a longer period of time.

At BNC Bio Natural Cosmetics, we only use membrane structure creams to carry our high-quality active ingredients.

They increase moisture, reduce the roughness of the skin and make the skin feel pleasant.

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